Monday, April 11, 2016

Florida Renovation Phase II

I wasn't going to chronicle this job but I've had so many here goes.

We are having our master bathroom in our Florida house almost completely gutted.  Today is day 1. Today is also the most likely day to be confronted with problems that can alter the plan.

Renovating anything can be stressful on all involved.  I have years and years of experience...both in old houses and in building our new house.  I have driven north and south, ordered in one state and shipped to another, ordered online and trusted others to do their part while I gather all the necessary supplies.  As far as I know it is all here.

As demolition are photos of the original bathroom.

Upon stepping into the bath to the left is the first child sized pressed wood (is that the word?) vanity.  I mean, who did they think was living here?  8 year olds?  A common way for the builders to 'cut costs' (cheap out) was to use the smallest vanities available.  When we ordered new ones the salesmen told us they don't even make them that low anymore.

Continuing along the same wall is the shower.  Cultured marble.  Supposed to be fancy?  I guess.  Feels plastic to me...and I can't get it clean after all the years of someone else not getting the soap scum cleaned, I suspect.

Straight on from the doorway is a garden tub.  Yuck and ick.  I'd never ever use it.  It's going.  Never to be seen again.

Turning the corner is the 'toilet cell' as I call it.  I hate a toilet in a little closet all alone.  Our NY house plans called for that, too.  Didn't happen. There isn't even an outlet in there so I can put a nightlight in.  One of the other features I have not gotten to is the fact that the bathroom has NO DOOR.  So, turning on a light in the middle of the night is an all or nothing move that is over bright in the cell and/or illuminates the bedroom.  The only change to the toilet cell will be an outlet and the removal of the door.

Along the same wall as the toilet cell is another child sized/pressed wood vanity.

Looking out of the bathroom down the hall to the bedroom.  Minus a door.  A door will be installed before this job is done.

The workers are here and the house is encased in plastic....let the demolition begin.



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  1. That looks like quite the project, Pam!! I actually wish I had short vanities--the builder talked us into the higher ones and, what a mistake! I can't even look at myself in the mirror without standing on tip-toes!

    Hope the first day went well...

    P.S. Send us some sunshine :)