Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 3

Wednesday, week 1,  was a full day of construction including a door! I've now broken even in the door department.

I was not home when they left but got a text saying...'don't shut the door.  We need to work on the latch'.  Meaning maybe they wouldn't be able to open the door.  When I came home the door was shut, though. Maybe blown shut because the sliding door was open across the bedroom.  Luckily it opened right up.  Made me think about what sort of night I was going to have imagining everyone being locked out of the bathroom.  Would they have to break my new door down?!?

Breaking even in the door department means the one on the water closet is gone.  Gone, gone, gone.

The electrician was here putting up lights and installing outlets.

Other things that aren't so pretty the cement that goes under the shower floor.  Needs doing...just doesn't look like much.

Time to settle in for another day.  I cut fabric for another of Moda's Frivols.  This pattern includes hundreds of little half square triangles.  Everyone's favorite...not.


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