Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wrapping up Phase 2: The bathroom.

The bathroom remodel was as done as it was going to get while I was in Florida.  We are missing the shower door and walls....which have been measured and ordered...and a vanity top and sink.  Surprisingly, in this day of modern tools...for example a RIGHT ANGLE...the wall that forms the water closet does not form a 90' angle with the outside wall of the house.  Go figure.  So, the vanity top by that wall needed to be templated so it is taking longer than the other one.

While picture arranging isn't working out so are some before and after shots.

Or after and before as the pictures are appearing.  I placed them side by side but my preview shows them one after the other.

It's hard to see how substantially different that me...night and day. 

Maybe you can see how crooked that wall is by looking at the gap on the left side of the vanity.

The showers can't even be compared.  Plasticy-yuck vs. beautiful earth tone tile.  We used stone on the floor.

I did not do a good job of getting a picture of the new empty space created by the removal of the tub or of the door being removed from the water closet.

The best I have is one taken during the work.  

I can reach the blind cord without having to climb into the tub.  Yeah!

I do have a before and after of the door to the bathroom.   The before is taken looking out of the bathroom and the after is taken looking from the bedroom towards the bathroom.

No door...


Ironically, we saw lots of houses with no door to the master bathroom.  What's that all about? Seriously?  If nothing else, the bathroom gets cold being all wide open like that.  Brrr.  During the winter, when it really isn't all that warm in Florida, I'd turn the heat up just so there would be warm air coming out of the ceiling vent when getting out of the shower.  

It's hard to describe how happy a clean and fresh bathroom makes me.  

There are more jobs on the list but I'm not sure what exactly will be next.  Possibly some windows and sliders.  Or maybe one or the other as they will be huge jobs.  We have 4 sliders and floor to ceiling windows.  Step by step.



  1. What a great job they did, Pam--love, love, love that shower!! Such an improvement--makes me want to re-do ours :)

    We stayed in a house in Nags Head this summer where none of the bathrooms in the bedrooms had doors. I just hated that set-up so much--what are builders thinking? I can't see any advantage to not having a door!

  2. No door on a bathroom is crazy! Who would like that? I guess it saves the builder money, but I would hate it.

    Your bathroom remodel is beautiful - worth all the time & effort. Best wishes to you & im looking forward to seeing your pictures.