Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The latest framing.

Last week I picked up my latest framed pieces.

Light The Way Home by SamSarah Design Studios.

Prairie Schooler's Harvest Time.

Love seeing pieces framed.

I still have too many small pieces to finish.  I should organize them better and create a work space.  Maybe seeing them and having items at hand would help?  Can't hurt.  So, maybe that's what I'll work at next.  Maybe.  Once I'm home from Florida.

With an April like this...

...who wouldn't want to head south?  It snowed again today, will snow tomorrow and maybe on Friday.



  1. Such pretty framed pieces. they look great.

  2. Seeing your SamSarah project finished makes me yearn to start mine, very heartwarming...thanks for sharing.

  3. Snow here this morning, too--and more tomorrow! Ugh!! Can I hitch a ride to FL with you :)

    Your framed pieces are great, Pam--I definitely need to stitch that PS Harvest Time piece this fall! Absolutely beautiful!