Saturday, February 20, 2010

An even swap....

sort of. I took this quilt top to the long arm quilter

and picked this one up.

The first one is spread out on the pool table for measuring. (Which explains the funny dips around the edge.) There are 42 blocks, each with 36 pieces. That's a whopping 1,512 pieces.... not counting the 2 pieced borders! I started it last March and my goal was to finish it by this March. As always, with such a huge project, I'm sick of looking at it and won't miss it for the 3 months it's gone. When it returns I'll be happy to see it again.

The second quilt is the 2009 Thimbleberries Club Quilt. I've never done a Thimbleberries class before but it's a year long program hosted by many quilt shops where the fabric and patterns are released throughout the year first to the quilt club members and then to the general public.

The fabric had 3 different color ways. Traditional, Bright and Light. Mine is done in the Traditional colors. In real life, it's much browner. I chose Lights but not enough other ladies signed up for Light so the shop didn't buy that line. I can't say I like the browns but it was a very fun project. We met once a month at the shop to work on blocks. I met some new ladies and got a chance to keep up with others who I see occasionally at quilt classes and retreats over the years. I still need to sew the binding on but that won't take more then a couple hours.

Now.... my next post will include pictures of my newly framed cross stitch so don't go far.

I'm off to take some more pictures.

The Queen Bee


  1. Lovely quilts - I have a thimbleberries quilt half done.

  2. Both your quilts are pure eye candy. I love Thimbleberries fabrics just a bit hard to get here.

  3. Both your quilts are gorgeous!

  4. Wow! Two beautiful quilts! Great job!