Sunday, February 28, 2010

The view

outside my front door.

Not a lot of snow. Nothing like the 12-18 inches predicted. It sure looks nice and got the kids a snow day on Friday. The fluffy layer that stuck to all the branches only arrived last night. I stayed home Friday but had to work yesterday to make up for it. For most of us, a snow day is only a temporary reprieve from work. If I'm not there the work doesn't get done. It was fun while it lasted, anyway.

I did spend plenty of time in my sewing room mostly rearranging and organizing. I only stitched on Prairie Schooler's Daffodils a little bit. So, no pictures. I don't know where all the time goes. The days just fly by.

Thanks for stopping by even though I didn't have anything to show besides snow.

Time to get things ready for the start of another week.

I'm off.

The Queen Bee

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