Thursday, February 11, 2010

My albums

are now linked on the sidebar. I will never be a photographer. Mostly my WIPs are photographed while still on the ironing board because the light is good. Quilts are typically spread on the floor in the front hallway because there is enough space and light. I suppose if anyone was more interested in photographic artistry you'd be over at this blog instead of mine. Doesn't Staci do beautiful work?

I was looking thru my albums to make sure they were fairly up to date. It looks like I didn't add the most recent batch of finishes from the extremely talented Deb. If you are unfamiliar with her work check out her blog. Across the top she lists various albums. Her 'finishing album' is where you'll find work she does for other stitchers. Looking back thru the first and second albums in her finishing albums I am stitcher PO and have 7 pieces in 11/09 that I don't have in my album. I think the rest are in there but if you're browsing her albums I have 6 more in 8/08, 4 in 12/07, and 6 in 9/07. There are a few more from earlier but I didn't keep looking. She does beautiful work for reasonable prices.

So, back to my albums. I frame most of my pieces. Earlier this week I took the first 5 items in my 'What's New' album to be framed. Every now and then I try a different finish like a pin keep or a wall hanging but I'm not usually satisfied with my own finishing.

I manage to finish about 2 quilts a year. I take those to a professional long arm quilter for quilting. For me, the magic is in the piecing. Hand quilting is just NOT for me. It eats into my cross stitch time, anyway. I do wall hangings, candle mats and table runners on my machine.

I hope everyone is having a good week and possibly even planning for a long weekend or winter break next week. Tomorrow after work I am driving the 2 hours to College Town to pick up The Scholar along with 2 friends. They both live nearby. One of the girls is at the same college as my daughter and the other goes to school across the city. They are all off thru Tuesday. I'm hoping for an uneventful drive and maybe a stop at Border's on my way by. I'm not expected until 3 when classes are done so I don't have to rush after finishing work at noon.

I'm off to see which stitching project needs some attention.

The Queen Bee

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