Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SAL progress

I am doing a weekly stitch along with my friend Rebecca. On Mondays we work on Little House Needlework's 'The Library'. It took about 6 Mondays to get that door done! I've finally moved on to the Western section. I'm anxious to start on the pictures within the window frames. I think they'll move along quicker then the building.

It's a snowy Tuesday in these parts. It's also my busiest work day and with the kids home needing transported to various activities I'm on the road more then I'd like to be. I, for one, am wishing for spring.

Soon I will take a pictures of another WIP so keep checking back..... until then I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. I can see why it took 6 Mondays with all of that solid stitching! But it's going to be a wonderful project!

  2. I love this piece. I started mine in the left hand corner and am working down - I am at the boring bits now though....LOL

  3. This is a wonderful project. Love your progress on it.

  4. I like that one! The door looks really good!