Sunday, June 27, 2010

A finish and proof that I'm the weakest link.

A photographer, I am not. This picture was chosen because it shows the fabric color the best.

This is from Blackbird Designs' pattern Easter Parade. It's cute and spring like and has only been in my 'waiting to be finished' pile for 2 years. Why rush these things, right? It's sitting on a table runner I assembled at my quilt retreat last spring and finally quilted and bound this past week. I have a few more quilty things that I'm trying to finish before starting something new. I would rather assemble then finish but I'm trying to dedicate some time to freeing up space for new projects.

Now, on a totally unrelated topic....

Recently I was reading a blog where the author likened blog awards to chain letters. She was explaining why she wasn't going to participate but truly appreciated being given the award. I thought she eloquently voiced her opinion and fully understood her decision. I know there have been hurt feelings over people not wanting to pick the required number of blogs to forward the award to so opt to 'opt out'. There is absolutely no reason someone can't make that choice and get on with their blogging....without shame. Except.....everyone knows who broke the chain because they didn't post the award or who they sent it on to.

Remember that game show where the evil women yelled "you are the weakest link" and sent you off stage in shame? Nobody ever wanted to be subjected to her 'in your face' name calling rejection. Sometimes contestants would be in tears during their post game interview. I haven't seen that show in years. Obviously, I wasn't the only one who didn't care for it. Which leads me to this story... Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a chain letter from a friend who moved across the county more then 10 years ago. This letter involves sending a book to the person named and copies of the letter to 6 of my 'luckiest' friends. In the end, if nobody broke the chain, I would receive 30 books in the mail. Ok... sure.... just what I want..... 30 books that someone else chose for me to read. Mind you, they're probably people I've never met. If I break the chain (and I say 'if' as if I have any intentions of participating) I wonder what the chances are she'll know it was me? Drat. I hate chain letters. I never participate in the email ones and wish people would simply quit the whole practice relieving the rest of us from having to be the weakest link. Regardless of the potential shame I'm opting to be the weakest link.

What does everyone else think? I've never met a single person who says 'sure send that sucker on to me, I'd love to participate'. So, why is it they still exist????

My older kids leave for their summer long camp counseling jobs today. (They'll come home once a week for laundry, etc, so I'm not going thru withdrawal or anything.) I'm merely planning a few quiet afternoons and a lower grocery bill.

The Queen Bee


  1. I hate chain letters. Fortunately, I don't get many and I am new to blogging. The last one I got was from my nieces asking for lotto tickets. I bought them 6 lotto tickets and sent them the letter back. I said they would have more luck with me just giving them tickets rather than me mailing this crap around. Enjoy your day.

  2. I don't like chain letters and I don't like chain e-mails and I don't feel obligated to participate in them. When I get a chain e-mail, I delete it, just like I'd throw away a chain letter. Maybe I'm bad, but there it is.

  3. Not a fan either! I don't have a blog (yet), so I'm not sure how I would handle the "awards" if I were to be given one. The honor to me would come from having followers and comments.

  4. How cute! And are those violets? Love 'em. And I love how you worked the trim around the edge.

    I don't do chain letters or chain emails either and I never feel any guilt over “breaking” them. Most of the chain emails are hoaxes or just plain dumb and total waste of time. Along those lines, I’ve stopped doing all public stitching exchanges, too. Call me a stitching snob, but I’ve discovered that you never know what you’ll get in return and often it’s terribly disappointing. I found that I wasn’t participating with a good heart, so I decided it was time to stop.

    Blog awards? Now that’s a tricky one. It’s nice to be told that someone likes your blog, and it’s nice to let someone know that you’re enjoying their blog. A compliment that comes out of the blue can really make your day, and I like to think that sometimes I’ve left a nice comment and made a blog owner smile. But awards feel awkward because that compliment comes with conditions. The ideal blog award would say something like, “I love your blog. Pass the compliment on any which way you choose.”

  5. Your BBD is lovely! Violets always make me smile for some reason. And 2 years is good--I have things that have been "waiting" to be finished for 5+ years.

    UGH--chain letters--hate them! Never send them all--call me a party-pooper (or worse), but they are a nuisance and a waste of time...