Saturday, June 19, 2010

The phases of my summer

This summer is divided into a bunch of phases. Some are short, some long, some busy, others boring. This current 3 week phase is a very busy one. It's the 3 weeks when summer officially begins. When school finally gets out, when everything anyone takes part in wants to have a celebration. It's the 3 weeks between the Scholar getting home from Mexico and leaving for summer camp. The Scholar and the Boy Wonder will be working at a summer camp for 8 weeks. They'll come home each Friday night to do laundry, catch up on sleep, and visit friends, finally, returning to camp Sunday morning.

So we're cramming everything we can into this stretch of time. 2 college visits, senior pictures, shopping for Buttercup's birthday, dentist and orthodontist appointments, the 8th grade moving up ceremony, etc, etc. No need to bore you with all the details. The end result is the same.... I've barely picked up a needle. So sad. I know. I think I'll have lots of stitching time when camp begins but even that stretch of time is shaping up to be busy. Someday the kids will all be off on their own and I'll have all the time in the world so sew, so I'm not complaining but I am counting the days until next Sunday!!

Referring back to my post on June 6th, I was happy to discover Dawn of Crafter's Creation is back to blogging. I've only ever lurked on her blog so she hardly knows I exist, but that's OK. That's the way it works sometimes. I also discovered a post from Gabi, of Lady of the Floss, on a community blog. Glad to see she's still stitching.

Maybe soon I'll have something to show instead of a picture of something I stitched 4 years ago!! I like to include a picture though, just in case that's all someone wants to see! (Not that any of you folks are that shallow seeing as you've stuck with this post this long!)

Love ya, for that!

The Queen Bee


  1. So just where are the lazy days of summer I'd like to know?! Sounds like you will be mostly busy. Great that your 2 older ones have jobs! Graduation here was on the 6th, so it's quieted down considerably. I hope you have a good calendar for keeping track of everything LOL.

  2. Oh yes, I meant to add that I love the watermelon slice! Where did you get that fabulous frame?