Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, monday...

This is the last Monday of The Boy Wonder's junior year. The wandering daughter is home from Mexico... as of late last night. She had to run to make her connecting flight... and naturally her bag didn't run as fast. Luckily someone drove it the 2 hours from the airport in College Town to our house so we didn't have to drive back that way today. So, anyway, the end is near for any peace and quiet I get around the house. Buttercup still has 2 weeks of school. She's the quiet one, though. It's the older two that will be fighting, or I mean, working out how to share their car. The Boy Wonder isn't use to sharing and The Scholar still remembers when she was the only driver. Anyone remember when we had to share the family vehicle amongst all the drivers in the house???? I will say that it is a huge help to all involved when the kids can drive themselves to their many, many sports and social events... especially since we live where everyone is so spread out... there isn't a parent ready and willing to drive so far out of their way to drop an extra kid off. And, in the Boy Wonder's defense... he's a huge help with driving Buttercup where she needs to go.

Any who.... the real reason you came here was to see what I've been working on.

I finished Shepherd Bush's Halloween Night. This was cute and fun to stitch. I received it as a gift so I don't know the fabric... but it's a large count even weave. I used the recommended threads and the button pack that was included. It will now go in the 'to be framed' pile.


this table runner is made using a pie shaped ruler with 60 degree angles. It was so easy to cut and put together. I see the obvious distortion from cutting the pictures at an angle and sewing them together. It's near impossible to avoid that. It's still really cute fabric and will be a pretty table runner no matter what. There is enough fabric to make a second one so I'll do that and see how it comes out. I can choose which part goes in the center by flipping the fabric before cutting. That will give it an entirely different look.

Over the weekend we went to see Killers at the movie theatre. What a good movie. So funny and who doesn't love Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher? The Mother-in-law played by Catherine O'Hara was hysterical. Tom Selleck wasn't so bad himself. I rarely want to see a movie a second time but I'd gladly sit thru this one again. And here's another perk to the kids driving..... we all went out to supper, but since the kids didn't want to go to the movie, we took 2 cars and they drove themselves home!

I am going to a dish to pass supper so I'm working on my dish to pass. I've put dinner in the crock pot for the family so I will be spending my afternoon in my sewing room. Lucky me.

I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. Halloween Night is beautiful! But I can't believe that you're working on Halloween stitches already!

  2. Beautiful stitching and VERY COOL table runner! Isn't it kind of crazy when everybody comes home and everyone has to claim their family positions again?