Thursday, June 24, 2010

High school, here we come.

Buttercup is officially a high school freshman. On Tuesday evening we attended the 8th grade moving up ceremony. Traditionally, in our school, the girls do it up big for this event. The ceremony is followed by their first semi-formal dance. Everyone has a great time. There is a reception in the cafeteria for parents, so we can stay in the building the whole time, while the kids go to the gym for the dance. It's a very nice way to ease parents into the high school world the kids will soon be taking part. She was most excited and had a great time. I overheard her best friends oohing and aaahing over her hair and dress saying, 'now you look like a girl!' I guess my girls aren't exactly 'girly, girls'.

The Boy Wonder is now a high school senior. It's simply amazing. Yesterday we toured another college campus. It was such a beautiful school in a cute, elegant little town in the Finger Lakes area of NY. This school is currently my top pick and it really doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the town has a quilt store or that there is another great quilt store on the road I would drive to get to the town. Really, it doesn't. Well, OK, maybe a teeny tiny bit. But, really, it was a beautiful campus with well maintained buildings and grounds along with all those other things one looks for in a college.

Someday soon I'll have some stitching pictures to post. I've been doing the tiniest bit of stitching and am also trying to finish a few things from my 'waiting to be finished' pile. I need to take swatches to Joann's or Michael's to find some matching trim. Then, maybe there will be something worth showing.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. I read your blog occasionally and would love to know where you got the pattern for the heart shaped quaker star you finished. I love it!

  2. Buttercup looks so lovely! And her hair is fabulous! I just love those up-do's with the loose and curly hair spilling out.

  3. Ah--she is just so pretty! It must be such fun to have a daughter to shop with and do girly things with now and then...

    Good luck with the college search--hope he finds the perfect place to spend those four important years :)