Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heatwave, we're having a heatwave....

The temperature is a little exaggerated.... but not by much. The outside thermometer is in the sun, but if someone was out there I'm sure the beating down sun feels like 105! Yuck. Here, in upstate NY we don't do hot like this. Generally, houses aren't air conditioned so, we suffer. Our window a/c unites are managing but we've already replaced one that pooped out Tuesday. And, probably, I'd feel quite a breeze if I stood next to the spinning electric meter!

Now, before you folks in southern climates laugh... keep in mind we're thinking the exact same thing when you get snow. Snow is what we do. We know how to manage snow and cold.... heat, not so much.

Anyhow, along with having to schedule our day around when to raise or lower shades to keep the sun out, what we can fix for supper that doesn't heat up the house, and where we can go that has air conditioning I've managed to stitch a little.

I started Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. And seriously, the designer? Shakespeare's Peddler, isn't it? I'm not going back downstairs to look. Sorry. Next time I'll be more efficient.

Then, on Vonna's blog, she was doing a give away of Little House Needlework's 'Summer House'. I love this little pattern, and since I have it, I thought I'd just whip it up myself. It really is a quick stitch... it's just me that's not stitching it very fast.

Lastly, here is my progress on The Library by Little House Needleworks. I'm doing a Monday SAL with my friend Rebecca. I love the piece and hope to dedicate some serious stitching time to it over the next few Mondays. I'd love to get it done and framed.

This weekend we're off to visit another college campus. Luckily, the weather is supposed to break.

Until next time, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. Wow that's hot!!!! Hope things cool down soon :-).

    Love all the stitching pictures, Jenny Bean is on my short list.

  2. Lovely stitching! And catching a breeze from the spinning electric meter? Girl, you're so goofy. But we love you.

  3. YIKES on the heat!! I hope it cools down soon.

    Love the stitching WIPs!

  4. I talked with my sister in Victor this week and it does sound like you guys are even more affected by the high heat than us... Hang in there, it is supposed to be a cooler weekend!

    All of your WIPs are coming along so well--I really need to get cracking on my "Library" soon! Keep inspiring me, okay :)

  5. Feeling for you with the heat, we were having 112 heat index days a few weeks back. Think cool thoughts, drink lots of water and use peppermint shower gel.

    For the record, this Southerner loves snow (I only wish people would drive more carefully).

    Lovely progress on Jenny Bean, Shakespeare's Peddler is just a couple of hours away from here and I am hoping to make a visit this summer (hoping it is not during a hurricane evacuation).

    I can't wait to stitch the library, a true melding of my two favorite activities: visiting my local library and stitching.

    Just found your blog today and am looking forward to seeing more of your stitching.