Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation, smacation...

So, I'm on vacation with no pictures to post. This is a vacation to be lazy, stitch, read, and laze in the sun. But, today it thundered all afternoon so what's happening is I'm watching the news. I much prefer to get my news from Jon Stewart. He just puts the right spin on it. (Really, I'm kidding, I follow the news.) It's just a whole different story here in Florida. There is news on regular local channels ALL THE TIME. So, here's what is of concern here on the Gulf Coast (besides the obvious oil spill).....

The hunt is on for an alligator that ate a dog. Isn't that what they'll do? Do we really have to hunt them down for making a meal out of a yippy little dog that wouldn't stop 'harassing' it? Oh, that makes me remember a previous picture I posted from our last trip to Florida.

(I do apologize to anyone who might have lost their beloved pet in such a manner.... and do agree that nobody should find a gator under the shrubbery in the back yard.) I come from an area where coyotes roam the countryside and nobody leaves their dogs out. For real. I feel like Laura Ingles on the prairie some nights.

Then, there was a story about Dengue Fever. Apparently, a risk in Florida this summer. Just today I saw a mosquito that was kind of green. I thought that was weird, luckily I hadn't seen the news story yet. I would have been more scared.

Other then watching for alligators and mosquitoes I'm getting lots of stitching and reading done. Maybe I'll have something of interest to post tomorrow.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee

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