Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's overcast today, so what's

the first thing I decide to do??? Take pictures. Yup. That's the secret to the eye catching pictures I'm forever posting..... no sun, or better yet, take the picture in the basement sewing room with virtually no natural light! It's a true art form... ha, ha. Mostly I just take the pictures when the urge strikes or I'll totally forget about ever showing you what's been happening. The finish I'm actually showing is Summer House by Little House Needlworks. The other piece has been done for a few years so I don't remember who it's by. It's just there for added style...or something.

Does anyone read Annemarie's blog, Orts and Ends? Her latest post is about a finish she did using her sewing machine, instead of hand sewing, with less then satisfactory results. I love my sewing machine so am not going to blame my unhappiness on that. I'm blaming it on poly-fil. Hate the stuff. Should have known better then to go that route. What I wanted was the look of the pillow finish but I'm not happy with the end result. I'll admit there is plenty to like so I'm willing to show it. I'm just not going to be doing it again anytime soon. I prefer crushed walnut shells but this was too big to fill like that. Lord knows, I've got more then enough of the little things, but it would have been too heavy and flopped over. The crushed shells work better with something the size of an ornament. So, anyway, it was a very cute little free pattern. I used the recommended threads with the exception of the red. I didn't have what they called for so dug around and came up with Old Red Barn by?? I don't know.... it was in a little baggie labeled with the color so that means it came as part of a kit. The stupid stuff ran, too, when I spritzed it before ironing it flat.

Back to work. I'm machine quilting a wall hanging. I'm close to being finished which means more pictures. Hold your breath......

Until then,

The Queen Bee


  1. Thanks for the tip on taking pics. I can always use a tip in that department. I love your finish and the other one. Congrats! Where do you get the crushed shells?

  2. I had to chuckle on the polyfil because I TOTALLY agree. I may just have to try the walnut shells, great idea.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Your finish looks great! Love the little frayed bow and star accent. I don't know--I don't mind polyfil and use it for most of my little pillows and ornaments without a problem... I wonder if it is the brand of poly-fil?