Friday, July 23, 2010

Nice deflection

Lee over at Lake Sticher recently posted about what she's been doing instead of stitching. Seems to be a common problem this summer. I have plenty of time but a lack of motivation. At my house, the excuses are few. The kids were gone all week, work was slow, weather was bad, but the motivation was nowhere to be seen. I did make a quilt. It's almost done. I only need about half an hour but today I spent about 10 minutes working on it when the rain started so I had to go close windows. I never went back to the sewing room. Soon I'll finish it and take pictures. So, to deflect from my total lack of stitching, here are the homemade ice cream sandwiches I made.

See how you're wishing you could sample this and have completely forgotten that you came here to see what I've been stitching or reading? Even I tasted it and I don't eat ice cream. Delicious. If anyone cares how they were made just ask, but it involved a boxed brownie mix and ice cream. Anyone can do it. I've never made them before, had to rush a little which probably explains the oozing around the edges, but whatever... the taste was perfect.

I'm off to see what's happening with the kids.... all home for the weekend.

The Queen Bee


  1. these look absolutely scrumptious! If I had a/c in my kitchen I would whip up some too! ( 100 yr old house! , but at least we have it in the bedrooms! Miss baking in the summer .

  2. Oh yes, I have read that on several blogs. I'm also in a stitching slump and haven't touched a needle for months, but I have neither time nor motivation. From next week on time will be available but motivation????
    That cake looks gorgeous!

  3. Chocolate and ice cream? What's not to love? Do you hear someone knocking at your door? That'd be me!