Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A small finish or two

The other day I got out some fall/Halloween decorations. Among them was this festive table runner and candy dish. Last year, on sale, I got another bowl that needed a little something under it so I used the left over table runner fabric and made the cute little mat.

Perfect match.

Today I happened upon the new blog background that reminds me of the fabric, too. So, despite being a tad early (6:15ish) I got busy changing and posting. I'm having trouble with pictures so hopefully it all works in the end.

Over the weekend I successfully completed the first part of the border for Midnight Watch. What a fun stitch this pattern will be.

I also finished a little fall wall hanging. Nice match with the decor I already had on an old dresser.

The kids have left so I better get on with my morning. I have big plans, starting with a trip to Michael's and Joanne's.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Queen Bee


  1. Cute runner and mat!
    Good to see that the border matched up. Did you go crazy with the counting and keep the frogs away?

  2. Your Halloween decor is looking great! I especially love your little wall-hanging--that pumpkin head boy is too cute :)

    It's nice to have the border on Midnight Watch all done so you can have fun with the design itself. I would never have the nerve to stitch a large border like that counting leaves a lot to be desired sometimes!!