Monday, September 13, 2010

Something old and something new.

First, the old. I made this a couple years ago. Isn't it funny? Cracks me up, anyhow.

Now, the new..... a give away! I should tell you what it is before you get all excited.

Now that I'm done with Holiday Express and would never, ever stitch it again, does anyone want the pattern and the left over specialty threads? Probably there are enough of most of the threads. I did keep the white and black filament because that will probably get used again. The rest..... you can have it. I'll pay to mail it within the United States. In the event there is more then one person who wants it I'll draw a name next Sunday. (The pattern is in very good shape. The front cover with the picture shows signs of being handled and I wrote a little on the page with the symbols and thread lists.) I can't even think up any rules for entering because I'm having trouble believing anyone wants it after all I've said!

The chippy saga continues. He's going to get his own blog label if he keeps this up. He escaped the Havahart trap Saturday night. Must be he had enough of a fit inside it to flip it over. The ends flopped open and out he went. He did eat everything. I guess even that incident didn't scare him because he's still lounging around. Next, we'll put a brick on top and only leave it out when we're around to see he's been caught. Smart little guy.

Off to the quilt store to find fabric for a wall hanging I started last week.

The Queen Bee


  1. I wouldn't mind having it, just because my brother loves trains and train patterns are hard to find :D
    It would be next year before I could start it, though, so if someone else wants it to start now...

  2. I loved your "I'm the Treat" wallhanging so I ordered pattern online and received it this week. I am a sewer and a knitter but have never done applique or quilting. I'm tackling it this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!
    your cousin, Lee