Friday, September 24, 2010

Books worth noting

I went to work today and found almost nothing to do. Shocking. No phone messages, only 3 pieces of mail needing quick attention, and only 1 email. After completing those tasks I even finished up the work that gets pushed to the back burner and found myself quite simply DONE. So, since I don't punch a time clock (which also means I'm sometimes at work for hours more then expected), I came on home. In a flurry of domesticity I baked banana bread, an apple cider cake, and started bbq ribs in the crock pot. Tonight we have a late starting swim meet so coming home to a complete supper will be nice. Last night's post swim meet supper was pizza. Tonight we'll have home cooking.

Between bouts of kitchen goddess'ness' I finished my book.

I absolutely LOVE Emily Giffin's books. The first two, 'Something Borrowed' and 'Something Blue' were quite enjoyable to read. They involved the same characters but the second book flips whose perspective the story is told from. The 3rd one I read 'Love the One You're With' wasn't anywhere near as good so I didn't rush into the 4th one.... which is actually her 3rd book. I don't think I paid any attention to the publish date when neither book hinged upon the other. Well, I loved 'Baby Proof'. Can't wait to get her latest book from the library. The main character in each of her books is a confident successful Manhattonite. Not the same women, but they have the same qualities, mostly. Someone might debate the main character of 'Something Blue' as being a little less confident but she comes around. I think the books speak to the wanna be city girl in me. But also, I really enjoy reading books about women who aren't whiny or mopey all the time. These women know how to get things done, how to accomplish their goals and live that 'Sex and the City' kind of life.

So, anyhow, in this latest book, 'Baby Proof' the only thing I found hard to believe was the way the main character reacted to one situation that completely and totally turned her world around for a year. For someone so confident, thoughtful, introspective, and successful to make one all encompassing decision seemed out of character. But, I guess, there wouldn't be a story to write if she hadn't. I'm trying not to give anything away... even the tiniest hint so as not to spoil it for anyone else who might like to enjoy this book.

While the story lines in Emily Giffin's books are at least 20 (really, 22ish) years behind where I am in life I get completely caught up in her stories. I'm looking forward to her stories kind of growing up with her. I'm guessing she won't be writing about young singles forever. Sooner or later she'll write about women a bit older, and then still older yet.

Thanks for the wonderful compliments on my successful border on Midnight Watch. I know I'm just feeling bold after finishing Holiday Express but it really was an easy border. It's done in repeats of the same shape. I only had to count repeats before it was time to adjust one. Every now and then one of the repeats was done a little differently. It was easy to glance along the row and see if I'd miscounted and correct the mistake before going on. I'm trying not to get all cocky and work more patterns from the border in. We all know where that will get me. I will either end up ripping stuff out or putting something aside and never finishing it.

Have a nice weekend.

The Queen Bee

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