Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way to rock the race.

I have to give some air time to my son's track team. This past Saturday they participated in a 5K sponsored by a church in a neighboring city to raise money for the local cancer center. We've been going for the last 4 years and cheering on the kids from our little rural high school (of about 500 students). This year's cross country team has 16 kids. Over 300 people ran the race and..... here's the impressive part.... 4 of our students were in the top 10!! Now I have to qualify that and say that 1 student just graduated in June and the other boy is from an even smaller school but they practice with our school because their school doesn't have a coach.

Here are a few of the boys warming up... including my son and the runner who won the race.

Off they go.

Now this next picture..... you know how you have your camera ready and wait and watch for the right shot? While my husband accidentally snapped a shot of the roadway... this is the shot I 'accidentally' got! Really, it was an accident. Sure it was, says my husband. But, heck, whatever. My high school boys beat them, too!!

So, I've done my bragging for the day. Have a great one.

The Queen Bee

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