Monday, February 28, 2011

As promised

I did stitch a little this past week.  Not as much as I expected, though, as the weather was unusually warm for February and I wanted to worship the sun as much as possible.  Such a treat in the middle of the winter. 

Here are the 2 pieces I worked on.  I got hung up on this one, again.  This time I ran out of the green for the grass.  Also, the contrast between the white horse and the one behind it wasn't working so I picked that out and restitched it last night.  That's 2 more strikes against this piece and the conversion chart.  I used the entire skein of Poblono Pepper plus all that I had in my stash.  There should have been 2 skeins of that and Blackbird.  I don't waste thread, either.  This piece is going into time out for a while.  It's caused me more grief then it's worth right now. 

 The second piece I worked on was Celebrate Spring by Heart and Hand.  This was going along so nicely then it turned on me.  The chart lists 7 symbols and threads.  I'd packed that, but found there are really 9 symbols on the chart.  I made do with a green from another kit but was thoroughly ticked when I came to the 2nd unlisted symbol.  I put it away until last night also. I did finish it but it's going into the same time out pile as the Prairie Schooler piece. 
So there it is, my vacation stitching.  I can cross 2 more off my Crazy January Challenge.  I haven't decided what to pick up next.  Hopefully something friendlier then these 2. 

A word or two on catching up.  I went away without my computer so the unread emails and blog posts are over whelming.  It's going to be a while.  The piles of mail and paperwork on my desk when I returned were massive.  Colleges, taxes, kids..... there's no Paperwork Reduction Act in my life.  (And, I haven't even been to work yet.  That's tomorrow's hill to climb.) 


  1. I'm sorry that first piece has caused you so much grief, as it's looking lovely. Cute HiH piece too!

  2. Boy, you sure have had a time of it with that PS piece!! I hope it learns its lesson in "time out" and behaves the next time you pull it out. I do love it though...hang in there :)