Saturday, October 1, 2011

Worth the price?

Reviewing or showing the inside of a pattern book isn't something I would normally do.  Generally, I like the excitement of seeing it for myself.  However, I was so pleasantly surprised by what I saw in Just Cross Stitch's Halloween Collection book that I'm going to show you a few. 

Another reason is that so many stitchers don't have a local shop where they can go and page thru something like this.  They're left at the mercy of the Internet.

When I first saw it I thought it was just going to be ornaments.  But, I was quickly proven wrong.  I guess that's just how I've come to think of the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch. 

The cover. 
First I saw 'Halloween Wreath' by Sharon Pope.  The pattern calls for glow in the dark Kreinik braid.  I know, we all hate working with that stuff but just imagine the end result. 
Another fun pattern is 'Things that go Bump in the Night' by Cross-Point Designs.
 Notforgotten Farm's' October Feather Tree'.  (Love it!)
 Finally, 'Haunted House' by Sharon Pope. 
And there's more!  Not to mention the ornaments.  Tons of them.  

Sorry, I know the pictures are bad.  It's hard to take pictures of an open book.  Anything I used to prop it open obscured some of the picture. 

Entice you enough to purchase it?  I'm sure you know right where to go to find it. 


  1. Haven't seen this yet, Pam--thanks for tempting me :) I really like the October Feather Tree and the Things That Go Bump charts. Will you be stitching them?

  2. great projects Pam. can those be converted to applique?

  3. Thanks for the preview! I'd been thinking about it, and this has definitely tipped the balance.