Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So soon?

That didn't take long.... coming up with another post, that is. 

First, let me say how kind everyone has been thru your comments this past month.  I'm glad people enjoyed it.... I'll keep posting all my various projects and such.  I've sort of strayed away from talking about books because I'm doing that on Good Reads.  I figure if anyone cares, they'll go there.  Unless, of course, something is so good I have to share. 

So, what has inspired a post again so soon?  Lee's Stitching Blogger's question of the month. 

She asked about stitching something for a loved one.  The first piece that came to my mind was this piece that I stitched for my then boyfriend, now husband, back in 1987. 

Remember when cross stitch was newly popular and patterns were so simple?  (Not to mention done on Aida.)

This is a picture of my husband's Hobie Cat sailboat.  He bought it straight out of college before buying himself a decent car!  I had a pattern with the classic rainbow striped sail that I modified to match his sail pattern, added his sail number and stitched it for him for Christmas.  That was 1987.  We got engaged the spring of 1988 and married the spring of 1989.  I don't think this piece had anything to do with that, though.  He did, however, see right away the shadow of the boat on the sand, which I was impressed with.   

We did enjoy that boat.... until we sold it when I was pregnant for the Boy Wonder so we could buy a new furnace.  Such is life. 

Last night I decided to move forward on PS's Farmer's Almanac despite all the ripping the day before.  Well, let me tell you, I do not know what my problem is.  I started on the boarder..... counted up 2 from the 'S' in September and stitched away.... until I discovered the 'S' was one stitch too high!  What the heck!  (AND seriously, THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!)  Man,  I ripped and restitched.  The fact that I really like this pattern keeps me going. 

Bad roads today with so much more coming.  I think there are a whole lot of us in this together.  I drove the kids to school this morning, a quick 2 mile trip on a nice day.  Took me half an hour today.  No plows had passed along any of the roads.... what's that about.... and I passed 2 cars off the road.  I have much driving ahead of me today so hopefully, the lull between the 2 storms, really does occur and helps us get thru today because tomorrow will probably be a snow day.  Yeah! Snow days!  I like it when I get to enjoy them too. 

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