Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another day...

another dollar.  Today is my busy work day so there won't be much stitching.  I did snap a picture of Farmer's Almanac this morning.  I thought it was going slowly, especially since I didn't stitch much last week, but I happened to see the picture I took last Monday and was surprised by my progress.  I think I'll get this done before the month is out.  I was going to set it aside and do some smaller WIP's but maybe I'll keep going until it's done.

Who knows how far I'd be if I hadn't needed to do so much 'unsewing'. 

Sunday evening I was planning my week and asked The Boy Wonder what his schedule was.  Between track practice, play practice and a track meet, he won't be home for dinner a single night.  He said he was easing me into life when he's away at school next fall.  Funny kid.... because I bet next fall I won't have to bring him supper between practices or do all those mounds of laundry.  That would be 'easing me in'..... doing his own laundry!  Hey! I've got an idea.....and boy would it lighten my load, so to speak.  I use to think The Scholar was the one that generated the most laundry.  It must be the age. 

Yesterday our temps got warm enough to melt huge patches of snow in the yard.  There were dozens of robins flocking to the grassy areas.  I can't remember ever seeing robins so early.  Hope that's a sign of things to come.


  1. Have you ever noticed how laundry in upstate NY is much worse in winter than in summer? Much easier to do shorts and tshirts than jeans, sweatshirts, etc.

  2. Oh, you will go into shock when he leaves for college and your laundry is cut in half! I can't believe how many clothes teenage boys go through, especially if they are involved in sports!

    Love your progress on Farmer's Almanac :)