Monday, February 7, 2011

Like a dog with a bone

I can't put this thing down.  No matter how badly it treats me.  It's such an unhealthy, one sided relationship. 
Over the weekend I gave up on letters and moved on to the barn.  Love barns.  One of my problems with the letters (aside from putting them in the wrong place) was the color of the word 'February'.  The Crescent Colour conversion converts DMC 355 to Chili Pepper.  I love 355.  Can picture it in my mind right now.  It's a perfect Christmas red.  And, quite frankly, Chili Pepper is not.  It's orange.  Besides using it for the 2 February's it was supposed to be the complimenting color on the barn.  So, I wanted to stitch the part of the barn that's done in Manor Red then see what red I had in my stash.  I came up with Lancaster Red.  Perfect.  So, yesterday I removed the second orange 'February' and restitched it.  But WAIT...... I dropped down one stitch part way thru.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you kidding me?  My mind is SO NOT on my work.  So, I pulled it out and started putting it back together AGAIN.  (There is so much more screaming in my head, but you get the idea.)

At that point, I debated throwing this thing to the very bottom of the WIP pile but NO, I just can't.  So, last night I packed up my stitching to move upstairs, as I'm generally banished from the room when important sporting events are on TV, and proceeded to stitch the evening away.  It wasn't until I picked it up this morning to press and photograph it that I noticed I somehow stopped, mid word, and moved on from letter stitching.  Probably a good unconscious decision, given my past track record.  I see I still haven't put the 'S' back in September. 

I'm coming down with a cold so will plan a quiet afternoon.  I have a meeting tonight I'd like to attend.  Also, I have a new obsession.  It involves fabric, so anyone trying not to buy more stitching stash is safe.  I'm going to study my options online and place an order.  Once the UPS man visits I'll show you.  My only hint is:  it involves rolling in jelly.  HA.  Any fabric'a'holics out there will know what that's all about.


  1. Oh no, so much frogging. But you were wise not to ban this wonderful piece to the bottom of your WIP pile. Looking forward to seeing it grow.
    Hopefully your cold will be better soon.

  2. I hate to admit, but you really have me laughing about your trials and tribulations with this piece, Pam! Hang in there--it'll work out eventually. I love the reds that you've chosen--Lancaster Red is just perfect!

    Take care now--hope your cold doesn't get too bad :)