Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have flier's ADD.

Seriously, here is a photo of what was in my purse on my 2 recent flights....
I'm not nervous about flying.... I guess I just don't like being confined in a seat like that and have a terrible time staying focused on anything.  The few times that I've been successful, the flight goes by so much quicker that I am willing to pack just about everything that might hold my attention. 

Once upon a time all I needed was a book.  Then, I bought an ipod because I was going to be flying all night  and knew I couldn't read and probably wouldn't sleep either.  Then I discovered audio books and how the ipod didn't work with the ones I can download from my library... for free.  So, I bought a Zen.  Then we flew to Colorado and my Zen had a dead battery.... for no reason.  Longest flight of my life.  So now I want them both.   I also got a Kindle.  Love it.  Then I got an ipad. The ipad cancels the need for the Kindle and the ipod.  The ipad has games, music, videos, my ipod music, and so on. That worked great ...once.   Because I'm a typical mother, I'd sacrifice my own comfort for my kids', so if one of them wants the ipad I need a fall back plan.  You can see how this has built up.  I carry a purse that's so full and heavy, if the TSA ever got wind, they'd charge me extra for it. 

The only thing missing from that picture is the bag of M&M's I ate while on vacation, not on the plane, and the little (M&M size) bag of Jelly Bellies.  I took those out of my purse this morning and someone scarfed them up so fast I didn't even realize that's what they were.  Darn, now I want those little guys. 

Anyhow, 2 of those magazines are unread, the Zen got listened to while at the pool, and I wished I had my ipod when I went out for walks.  I just can't win. 

Being in the Sunshine state requires a certain amount of time spent at a theme park so we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  SO COOL.  I won't say anything bad.... just ask me if you're thinking you'd like to go.  It was sure photogenic, though. 

I want that guy to add to my snowman collection.  If there was a small one available I wasn't going to find it as the line to get near a store was worse then the lines for a ride.  And, that's after waiting 4 hours to get into the Wizarding World via the park's crowd management plan. 

Tomorrow I'll show my stitching.

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  1. It sure is hard to keep up with the latest technology! What you buy one month is obsolete the next, it seems...

    Love that snowman--I'd love to visit the park someday, but in a less busy season. Glad you had a good trip and are back home safely :)