Thursday, February 10, 2011

My recent order has arrived...

and so fast. Love The Fat Quarter Shop. Same day shipping.

Everything is packaged to protect it from being left in the elements. 

I got a couple magazines, a pattern, and best of all.... 4 Moda Jelly Rolls. 

They are:  Primitive Muslin by Primitive Gatherings, Antique Fair by Blackbird Design, Faith Collections for a Cause, and Perennials by Kansas Troubles.  (I've never met a Kansas Troubles fabric I didn't like.)
I've only purchased one jelly roll before and it's still in a project box waiting for it's day.  What I like about them is that you get a little bit of each fabric in a line.  Usually, I'll find a fabric line I like then try to chose a quilt pattern that enhances the fabrics and buy just the few fabrics needed for that quilt.  I don't tend to just buy cuts of fabric 'just because'.  I'm afraid that when I do want to use it I won't have enough or won't have a matching fabrics, or something like that. 

First I plan to pair up the muslins with one of the other fabric lines and make this postage stamp quilt that Rachel made on her blog .  Then, since I was shopping for Jelly Rolls and wanted more, I will see what looks good in this book. 

Now, I just need to get busy finishing a few projects.  I get to the quilting point and, if it's not going to the long arm quilter, I'm stuck.  It takes me a while to just dive in and start quilting. 

Oh, so much for my stay at home day yesterday.  I wasn't even away from the computer after posting that post when I got a phone call asking me to run some paperwork over to the school.  So, why not go to the grocery store since I'm out anyway..... and the day went from there. 

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