Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The storm that wasn't.....

Oh, the shame. 

So, we got the snow day, just not the snow.  Oops.  I was looking forward to it, too.  I was ready to hunker down with the kids and not feel one little bit of guilt about not doing anything I didn't feel like.  Rats.  It's harder to do that when the sun is shining, the temp is above freezing, and the kids are thinking up things to do with their friends. 

My favorite weatherman came on the radio show I like in the morning, and was pleasantly ashamed.  I liked that.  He talked about waking up in the middle of the night, looking outside and swearing.  Everyone else is making excuses. 

So, anyway, I'll do a little housework, then I'll sew something.  Maybe I'll even manage to stitch on Farmer's Almanac without ripping out..... shhhhh..... don't jinx it! 

(I borrowed this photo from Google images)


  1. Hope the kids enjoy their "snow" day. We didn't get as much as was predicted, but it's still coming down. It looks pretty out the window, and I haven't heard a vehicle - including a snowplow - in hours.

  2. I'm in northern Illinois where we got about 20" of snow overnight. I'll trade you! :)