Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The deed is done.

I finally got up the nerve to cut into my quilt.  When I flipped the quilt over to see if I could slide the pin between rows of quilting to get to the edge I saw how close it was to the seam on the backing.  I try to use fat backs so was happy to see that this backing needed to be pieced. 

The end of the scissors are at the head of the pin.  It will need to slide up and over to the right.
 There's the little opening I made. 
 And here's the offending pin. 
 I used very fine thread to stitch the opening shut. 
Good as new...I hope.   Here it is in the original photo taken on a sunny July day. 
I sure hope nothing like that ever happens again. 


  1. :D Great job! I absolutely love the colors in the quilt.....its is really beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on getting it out in one piece and not damaging your quilt! It's so pretty :)

  3. Yay ~ no sense in that nasty pin stickin around huh:) Well done!

  4. So glad it worked!! I absolutely love this quilt - so pretty!

  5. Yikes! But we all knew you'd figure it out, Pam!

  6. Whew!! Glad you solved the problem--the quilt is gorgeous, Pam!!

  7. Wow! I'm glad it was so close to a seam and you were able to take it out fairly easily. I can't imagine how it got inside, but I'll definitely stay more aware of those big pins too!! Love the quilt BTW!

  8. Glad to see you solved the problem!
    The quilt is gorgeous!