Friday, October 14, 2011

Miles and miles

of binding later I have another quilt finish to show. 

The fabric is Hemingway by Windham Fabrics and I just had to make something from it.  The problem was what?  I found this pattern for a miniature quilt so I enlarged it on graph paper.  It will eventually go on a bed with a deep mattress so I added more length around the sides.  I also made matching pillow cases. 

 Somehow it's always hard to capture the real life colors.  It's all very tropical and Key West like. 
 For the backing I used this fabric from the same line. 
I don't think there are any pins hiding in the middle of this one. 


  1. ooooo looks very inviting zzzzzzzzzzzz .. and fingers crossed you haven't love mouse xxxx

  2. Beautiful! The colors are very Key West.

  3. i really like the colors....great job putting together :D...its beautiful

  4. Ahh...makes me want to just lie down and take a nice long nap--really lovely quilt!!