Monday, October 17, 2011

The weather outside is frightful...

so what do the parents of a cross country runner do?  They bundle up and face the cold. 

The Boy Wonder came home Friday for homecoming.  We took him to his meet Saturday morning where he rode the bus back to school with his team after the race. 

 He's visiting with his sister and some camp friends who came to see him run. 
  They're off....into some serious mud.

There he goes.  Notice the rain drops on my camera lens.  This race was at a state park on the north end of one of the Finger Lakes.  The perks..... it's pretty and the facilities are unlocked.  Woot.  No port-a-johns.  The down side.... it's windy along the lakes on a nice day.... on a windy day...bundle up and brace yourself. 

On a different note...... my raffle quilt.  If you haven't seen the post just click the link and check out the quilt I made and donated to our church to be raffled. 

The drawing was Saturday night following our fall fund raising dinner.  The winner was a local women who was super excited.  She said she'd never won anything before except a brain.  What?  Turns out she used to be a science teacher and won it at a conference.  Fun times?  Maybe, but I'm not sure it's the place for me.

Anyhow, she bought her ticket right at the dinner.  Lucky her.  I really wanted someone to win who'd purchased a ticket from me.  Narcissistic?  Maybe.  But, lots of 'me' goes into a project like that.  Anyway, I was happy that the winner exuded such happiness. 

I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets.  I was rooting for you.  What also caused me great happiness is the amount of money the quilt raised.... just a few dollars short of $1000.  WOOT.  Makes me want to get busy on another one! 


  1. Congrats on your quilt, quite impressive! You're reeeeeally brave to have gone out Saturday, brrrrr...

  2. lol....i had a dd run cross country....i got a lot of stitching done under those blankets! And I saw your raffle was beautiful, congratulations on a job well done and money raised!

  3. So far this xc season we've had pretty good conditions, except for a couple of hot days. But mud can be very tricky to run in!! Having real toilet facilities is awesome. As a seasoned xc mom, it's been fun this year to clue in the newbies to the ways of watching a meet, finding those necessary facilities, and timing your visits so the line isn't very long. :D

    Hope Boy Wonder has a very successful season!

  4. How wonderful that your quilt raised so much money, Pam!! Really warms my heart to know so many people appreciated your work and all the time that went into it...

    I'm sure you enjoyed your son's visit :)

  5. Oh those pictures of the run just look cold!!! Bbbbrrrrr..,
    I'm so happy for you that your quilt raised so much for your church! How nice that the winner was so excited!