Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Many thanks

for the votes....woot....I came in 2nd...and for the sympathy on my quilt.  I got lots of good advice thru both the comments and email.  Cindy's advice to take a deep breath was spot on.  I agonized about cutting in but I finally did it.  There was a seam on the back where I'd pieced the back that I could work the pin over to.  It was pretty 'land locked' so I didn't have much room to work in.  The quilting crossed over itself here and there limiting where I could go with it.  I have pictures I'll show later.

I want to thank everyone for voting for my piece over on Anna's blog.  I didn't see any reference to who won the drawing for the prize she was giving one of her voters but I sure hope it was one of YOU. 

Here is a closer look at the detail.  I changed everything about the picture aside from the border.  I only slightly changed the flowers to look more like a bleeding heart and remade the hummingbird from a free pattern I stitched years ago.  Everything else is taken from random patterns. 

Can't wait to show you what I won. 


  1. Your entry was stunning, Pam--beautiful job of melding the flower with the summer scene :)