Tuesday, October 4, 2011


and a whole bunch of other acronyms that involve swearing.  Do you see this?????

That sucker is quilted into my quilt!  Last night I took my two newest quilts to my quilt guild meeting for show'n'tell.  This morning I was refolding them and tucking them back in my cupboard where they are displayed when the second quilt caught on the first quilt.  I couldn't imagine what would cause that so I felt around and found this! 

My index finger is pushing on the huge round head of the pin.  That thing measures 2 1/2 inches long!  How in the world am I going to get that out?  If I snip the end, and try to poke the new end through I might poke a hole since it won't be pointy anymore.  Even doing that until I'm down to the ball will leave a little metal tip to wear a hole in the quilt. 

The best I can figure it's where the quilter marked the center of the quilt.  Why it was marked on the back side is lost on me but it couldn't possibly be further from an edge.  How crazy. 

I'll dwell on the problem for a while then, hopefully, post what I finally did.  If I make a hole I might not want to show anyone.  What a sad thing to have happen to a quilt.


  1. Wow!! Good thing you found that! Hope you can figure out a way to get it out!

  2. Oh no! I hope you can remove it safely, what a shame.

  3. i had that happen to me once and i made a very small slit in the material and took it out...i then 'darned' it with a very small needle and it came out beautiful!! take a deep breath ( I did :D) and try it, it will come out ok..yours looks like it is very near the seam also, so you could undo the seam and restitch that part too.....

  4. When I first read this I thought you meant "sucker" the lollipop kind was quilted into your quilt!! Now that would have been even worse...

    Hope you can figure it out, Pam!