Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anolther old WIP.

My latest finish involved both piecing and embroidery.  Crabapple Hill's Over the River and Through the Woods was a fun project...I just dragged it out over 6 years! 

Sometimes I wonder why I don't just keep moving along on a project.  It's especially true when the final phase is so quick and easy. For whatever reason, a project gets tucked in a box.

Here is the packing list that was in with my kit. 

Probably I was knee deep in some other project.

It's been a year (or two) since I finished all the embroidery on Over The River and Through the Woods.

I think I was a little apprehensive about cutting down the embroidery pieces and making everything fit together but that all ended up being pretty easy.  I also wasn't exactly excited about making 64 flying geese but that also went easily.  Just a few short sewing sessions later and ta-da.  Another finish.  I need to figure out backing but for now it's moved over to the quilting line-up. 

On the quilting front...I quilted Nantucket.  A top I finished over the winter.  Somewhere online I recently saw the same quilt but they inserted little star blocks here and there in place of some of the little 9 patches.  So darn cute.  Wish I'd seen that before I made mine!

I love the ribbons and stars. 

I set out the other day to piece some backing and get another long forgotten WIP on the long arm but I ended up not liking the backing fabric so, for now, it's back in line. 

I had to take a break from WIP's and worked up 6(!) table runners from border fabric that was just taking up space.  Pictures soon. I'd like to get them quilted and bound.  I will saving the hand work part of the binding for when I need an easy travel project. 

Happy summer. 



  1. Over the River is such a neat quilt, Pam--love the embroidery and the colors in it. That must have taken a ton of time to do all the embroidery, didn't it?

    And your newest quilted top looks great, too. Someday, I'll have to watch you at work as you quilt--I just have no idea all that it involves...

    Hope you have a nice (cold!!) weekend!

  2. Your Over the River quilt is DDG!! (drop dead gorgeous!) and LOVE your Nantucket!

  3. Your Over the River quilt is DDG!! (drop dead gorgeous!) and LOVE your Nantucket!