Sunday, June 28, 2015


I did finish one little cross stitch months after starting it.  Holiday Surprises by The Trilogy. 

I just made a little pillow.  Nothing exciting.  I did make a couple changes to the pattern.  I used a couple buttons that look like presents.  The toys that were meant to be stitched there were sort of creepy looking.  I suspect it was only because they were so tiny.

I also finished May's A Year in Chalk. These are such a struggle but I'm plodding along.

As I mentioned previously...I made a bunch of table runners from border fabrics.  They're all just made by cutting identical lengths then sub-cutting using a 60' triangle.

They all need their bindings stitched down.

I think this is my favorite.

On the quilting front...I was working away on another WIP I finally assembled this past spring when I ran out of thread.

So, another project drops into limbo-land.  I've ordered thread but may not get back to work until after July 4th.

We will have a very busy holiday weekend as we move The Boy Wonder into his apartment. 
Exciting times.



  1. Oh yes, exciting times!
    A sweet pillow. I love the chalk series.

  2. I chuckled when I read about the "creepy looking" toys, Pam--I have a couple of the old PS Santas that had some charted, too!

    Great finish and hang in there with the chalk pieces--it will be nice to have them for the full year.

    Good luck with the big move this weekend--I know he'll be glad for a woman's touch!