Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Take pictures while the sun shines.

We recently had a beautiful sunny day so I headed outside to take some pictures. 

After cleaning the fence I hauled a stack of quilts out and tried to drape them over the edge. Size and wind worked against me so I employed a helper.  A hand model you might say. 

When I turned on my camera I got a message saying: battery is exhausted.  Really...exhausted?  Such a funny word for a camera to use.  I thought...join the club, now take the pictures since I did all this work! 

After finding a different camera and a helper I snapped some pictures.

First, I recently finished this jelly roll quilt.  The blocks had been in a box for a year.  

I made this quilt once before.  It just takes two jelly rolls.  Dark strips are matched up with a light strip to create strip sets which turn into sets that get cross cut then sewn into blocks.  Super easy and super fast.

I used my favorite fabrics. Snowman Gatherings from Primitive Gathering.

Here is Cooper helping me inspect the finished product.

A shot of my In From The Cold quilt.  This one uses a nautical theme and will hang in Florida.

I modified this block to fit the theme.  I found a paper pieced pattern for a sailboat and put it in place of the wreath used in the original. 


The rest of the blocks are the same as the pattern including month 5 where we made tiny little pinwheels.

It was fun poking through my collection of nautical fabric. 

This next quilt called Furry Sweetness by Eat Cake Graphics took me years.  When I finally finished it I couldn't even think of which WIP to work on next.  I am just so relieved to finally have this one finished. 

It is so darn cute.

For whatever reason it just wasn't a priority and kept getting pushed aside.  I thought I'd do one block in between other projects but even that simple plan did not work.

Now that I've returned all the fabrics to my stash and emptied the project box it's time to pull out another old and neglected project.  I have an idea of which one it will be but sometimes I think I'm going to do one thing then pick up something different when I walk in my sewing room.  (See how all these WIP's are born?)



  1. Furry Sweetness is just adorable!

  2. All of these quilts are gorgeous - congratulations on finishing them - don't we all know only too well about WIPs and how easy it is to get sidetracked. LOL!

    I have to say that I love FurrynSweetness 'cuzmi just love animals, too!

    Thanks for sharing these with us. :-)

  3. Lovely quilts! The furry sweetness one is especially charming...love it!!