Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another chick leaves the nest.

The Boy Wonder has landed a job in his chosen field.  So, with a flurry of activity we will be packing another one off to start their new life. 

We found an apartment yesterday and have just two weeks to acquire some furnishings and household supplies.  He can take his bedroom furniture from home and his sister has donated a Laz-Y-Boy (she has 2)  so he won't be moving into a totally bare apartment. 

He will be heading back to the same general area where he went to college.  He'll just be 1 1/2 to 2 hours away.  I can get excited about that.  It was the 800 miles away that was putting me into a panic. 

Is it bad that I'm already mentally re-decorating his room into my office space?  I've been working out of an office space created in our back hall.  The one that everyone walks through to get to the laundry room or to the garage door.  The one where they leave all their shoes, coats, and bags.  The one with no windows.  Oh, the windows!  His room has 4. 

Slow down.  He's still asleep in there!  I've turned into one of those commercials you see on tv when the kid is heading off to college and you think the mother is inside being sad.  Instead she's remodeling the empty bedroom.  I've got the tape measure out and the catalog of desks and shelf units in hand. 

First...a couch.  Yes.  He needs a couch and a kitchen table.  Then I can pick paint colors for his room my office. 

My sewing has dropped off recently but I'm almost done with the binding on a quilt that I quilted a couple week-ends ago.  I'll get some pictures organized soon.



  1. There are definite bonuses to becoming an empty nester!! In my case I love the decreased laundry loads...

  2. That is fantastic news for everyone! Congratulations Boy Wonder!

  3. My daughter does not leave for college for a year, but I am already strategizing to trade her bedroom with my sewing room--I know it is terrible, but it seems ridiculous to let her large room go unused for most of the year!

  4. Wow, what awesome news, Congratulations to the Boy Wonder!
    I must admit that I was pretty quick to make Big Brother's room into my sewing room, in fact I did it while he and DIL were on their honeymoon ;)
    Keep us all posted please...