Monday, August 15, 2011

Table runners are hard to

photograph.  They're long and skinny so don't fit into a picture very well. 

I made this one to put on the credenza in my dining room.

The cabinet is a light color but neither the walls nor the credenza are nearly as washed out as they look in the photo.  The lack of natural light just makes it impossible to get it right. 

I love the over all effect with the wine rack made from a wine barrel and the cork cage, rummage sale lamp and hand painted wine glasses.  Oh, not to forget the Finger Lakes wine country picture. 
Glass of wine anyone?  That cork cage has lots of empty room....


  1. Love your runner - sets everything off perfectly!!

  2. I'm coming right over for my glass of wine! Love, love, love the grape themes, too. Pam, we surely think alike...

  3. Fabulous runner Pam. The colors work so well together.

  4. beautiful runner.....i love the colors and the pattern is very unique!