Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool 'new to me' cookbook

Recently Carol posted about a cookbook she found that was all about small batch baking.  The cookbook looked perfect for my diminishing size household so I hurried to purchase it using my 'soon to be worthless' Border's Plus reward card.  (Is anyone else as ticked as me about that whole thing?)  Such a disappointment to see the one and only bookstore within shopping distance closing.

Not to be a copycat but I wanted to show you how cool Small-Batch Baking by Debby Maugans Nakos is. 

The book recommends a variety of small pans and dishes to help bake 1,2& 3 serving desserts.  For cakes she recommends using cans....empty 14.5 oz cans.  Since I didn't want to wait until I had 2 empty cans that were the same size I made a stop at Walmart where I found an inexpensive set of 4 little spring form pans that looked just about right for cakes. 

Yesterday I baked the Old-Fashioned Yellow Cake.  It was quick and easy to mix up without getting out my big stand mixer.  The little pans made 2 perfect sized little cakes and I wasn't left with any odd sized left over ingredients...if you don't count the egg white.  I do need to find an 1/8 teaspoon for more accurate measuring, though.    
I had some left over chocolate frosting from making half moon cookies last week for a bake sale, so I didn't try one of the frosting recipes.  Here is my very cute little cake.  We thought it was very tasty and would nicely serve the 3 of us. 
The book is chock full of very tasty recipes.... pies, cakes, bars, brownies... all in a quantity to serve just a person or two.  I will certainly be trying more recipes from this book. 


  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll have to go find this book now.

  2. Oh, how cute that little cake turned out!! Makes me want to try another recipe from that book soon :)