Friday, August 5, 2011

This & That

Previously I mentioned my participation in a quilt-related exchange thru Carol's blog.   Carol has added a button that I will be adding to my sidebar that allows you to quickly link her blog post about the swap.  Maybe, as time goes by, she'll have some more links.... like links to other participants.  That would be fun, since I haven't happened upon any one's blog who is participating.  My own partner, Betsy, is someone I've followed for a couple years.     

I've made my bag, which is supposed to be part of our first mailing.  I want it to be a surprise, so no pictures.  I will offer a teaser, though... it's WAY cute.  I took it to my craft group yesterday and showed it off.  Everyone loved it and wanted the pattern for themselves. 

Moving on,

I thought I'd show everyone the notion I just purchased. 

I certainly don't need all 14 feet of this, but the centering feature is just the ticket.  It's sold as a ruler for use with a long arm quilting machine, hence the 14 feet.  I plan to use it to properly center my little cross stitch finishing projects.  You know, the ones I haven't stitched yet, but will soon, very soon. 

Our 'summer o' graduation parties' continues with a party for a college grad tomorrow.  It will be held at their cottage on one of the Finger Lakes.  Should be lovely... as long as mother nature sees fit to keep the rain at bay.  It will be a short stop on the party trail if it's raining.  I will do my best to remember my camera in case the view is blog photo worthy.


  1. Hope your graduation party is fun--you sure are celebrating a lot this summer! It's raining here right now--will try to keep the rain down south for you for today :)

  2. Have a great graduation party. Looking forward to the teaser pic.