Sunday, August 21, 2011

The end is here,

I'm past the hump...the long dreaded day is upon us.  The end is the end of summer, the hump I've passed over is that over half my children have left the nest for college, and the dreaded day is actually tomorrow when we move the Boy Wonder to school.  I expect to look upon this day with happiness in future years, but the first is always the hardest. 

I have been without any kids for almost 3 entire weeks.  There were the weekend stop-overs for laundry and rest, but for the most part, all my kids have been away.  You would think I'd manage hours and hours of sewing but not so much.   I do have a completed quilt I had planned to show but it is a dark and gloomy day so there won't be any photographing today.  I shopped, worked, and read a lot.  The UPS guy came to my house 4 days last week.  On Friday I told him he'd become a regular part of my daily routine.

Yesterday we attended the final grad party of the season.  This one was at a friend's family cottage on one of the beautiful Finger Lakes.  It was a lovely day for it.  As the day wore on I captured these pictures of the grad's little sister using Kan Jam in a way that seemed perfectly appropriate if you're a place to hide.  That's the Boy Wonder in Red.  (I've written about Kan Jam before.) 

 She couldn't stand that they wouldn't notice her. 
 'kay, then, I'll go hide in front of you. 
Some of the boys, ehem... dads, couldn't stand looking at that sailboat another minute so, despite the utter lack of wind, they got it out onto the lake where they sailed sat for an hour.  There was some discussion of taking the canoe out to get them but we left them to wait for each and every breath of air. 
A wonderful way to end the summer.  Now I need to go find a sweatshirt.  It's cold out!


  1. It's dark and gloomy here, too, Pam! But, at least you had a great day for the final graduation party--love those Finger Lakes :) Cute photos of the little girl, too!

    Best of luck with the move-in tomorrow. It seems weird to me that we're not doing it this year--first time in 11 years, I've had no one leaving for college...

  2. This is so touching Pam. I know you have a great relationship with your son. Hope he's the kind of kid that doesn't ignore your phone calls and texts. You will need that connection. Took our daughter to school on Friday. As much as I got tired of her asking what time dinner was, I will surely miss it!