Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well, I'm sure glad

you all agree with me about our stitching not being for sitting upon. As my son would say... that's just crazy talk.

Here is the real news of the latest framing is back home safe & sound.

A Bee C Sampler by Country Cottage Needlework.  

 I like the distressed green. 
 Farm Fresh by Little House Needlework.
A close up to show the subtle vine on the frame. 
Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Sampler.
I chose the smaller of the two green/gold options because I thought this would probably end up being propped on a bookshelf.  The smaller frame looked more fitting for displaying that way. 

Laundry beckons.  Hope to have another finished project or two in the next few days. 


  1. Great framing Pam! I really love the green/gold frame for DD, that's very pretty.

  2. Your pieces look fantastic! Love all of your frames and how they compliment your stitching!!

  3. What a fantastic trio of finished and framed pieces, Pam--I can see why you like your framer so much :)