Thursday, August 11, 2011

You all shame me

with the number of posts you've managed lately.  I'm short on blog material yet when I log in to my reader, I'm amazed at how productive everyone else is. 

Soon.  I know I've used that word quite a bit.  But, when it rains it pours.  First, the quilt I took to be quilted 2 weeks ago was done in 3 days.  Amazing.  I went to get it yesterday.  My friend Robin and I turned yesterday into a shop hop day.  200+ miles and 4 shops later I feel like someone needs to lock me in the basement (where my sewing room is) and only let me out to go buy more thread.  I have plenty to work on this fall and winter.  BUT, THEN it gets better.  When I got home yesterday I had a message that the framing I dropped off on Monday was finished!  Wow.  Must be nobody else is finishing anything right now so I get to reap the benefits by having my things done with virtually no waiting.  Go figure.  I will ask my husband if he can swing by the frame shop in the next couple days and once I stitch the binding on the quilt I'll show you.

In the mean time... I couldn't resist poking fun at this magazine picture. It's from the September issue of Country Sampler.  Don't get me wrong.... I love this magazine...never miss an issue but, clearly, whoever created this decorating 'tip' doesn't cross stitch. 

 Can't see that, right?  Take a closer look. 
 The tip in the tip box suggests that with a few stitches in each corner, tack embroidery samplers to plain chair pads for a homespun graphic appeal.  WHAT?  You're going to let people sit on these?  I am speechless.  Where do I begin with how very, very wrong this is?  Useful if you don't ever want anyone sitting at your dining table, perhaps.  Any thoughts? 

As for the is what didn't make it into this latest batch.  Darn.  I wanted this done by the end of July.  Now I feel like I'll be lucky if it's done by Christmas.  Such a slow stitch for me.  Please excuse the wrinkles.  I pressed it but didn't go all crazy with the spritz and steam. 
 And finally, because the Internet is a wealth of information and the casual blogger is no exception, I'll include this little story. Our kitty got a manicure.  They're hard to see, I know, but they're Soft Paws on her hind claws.  Thank heavens someone blogged about them a few years ago.  I seriously didn't know what we were going to do about her scratching.  Without going into all the gory details, she wouldn't stop scratching a couple sore spots.  I was having anxiety attacks of my own thinking about hauling her back to the vet for the 3rd time in as many weeks when I suddenly remembered someone posting about these.  Well, let me tell you, they have saved all of us.  Our local pet store had them and she actually let us put them on.  Phew.  I wanted one of the cute colors but the store only had clear.  A color would be easier to see so I'd know if one fell off, but so far, they're working like a charm.  In another week she should be healed and, if they stay on that long, I won't have to reapply them when they do finally fall off. 

Now, back to the housework. 


  1. Oh no, no, no, no, NO! The day I let somebody's arse rest on my sampler is the day you can take my needles and thread and every other single bit of stash away from me.

    Last year I made BBD's Summer Basket into a pillow and I'm still super-protective over it. So the day I saw Colleen using it to prop her feet on the loveseat, I let out a yell that you could hear across the lake.

  2. Pam, you'll always be way ahead of me in blog posts--I am getting down to only two a month! Sometimes I wonder why I bother, but I do like having a record of my finishes all in one place.

    Unbelievable that anyone would tack a sampler on to a chair seat like that--obviously whoever suggested that as a decorating tip has never stitched in her/his whole life!

    Love the soft paw thing--wish I'd known about that when my kitty was living...

  3. Glad the Soft Paws are doing the trick for your little one. Your WIP looks great, I'm sure you'll be done by Christmas :) I'm barely stitching at the minute - I've had a whole day to myself and done a grand total of 6 stitches since breakfast (it's now dinnertime) :(

  4. We've thought about trying those soft paws. It's good to hear a positive review!

  5. Oh my! What a stitching no-no! Sitting on a stitched piece - some nerve!! Perhaps a letter to the magazine is in order requesting an apology to all those who have put their heart into their stitched pieces!