Monday, January 19, 2015

A finish and an adventure.

Last night I finished Charmed Shoreline by Hinzeit. 

I really like Hinzeit patterns but this one had too many errors.  Even the correction online was wrong.  So, I was just glad to get it done.  It will be put away for a while so I didn't iron it before snapping a picture. 

Later this morning I am heading south for a month.  Woot.  I've gone for longish stretches before but not as long as a month.  I've packed an entire suitcase of sewing projects.  'Cause, you know, there aren't any fabric stores!  Ha.  Such a lie.  But still, I would rather work on projects I already have. 

We are also remodeling a kitchen.  We had the old one torn out and the basics completed prior to our arrival.  Phew.  So glad we did that because there were a variety of issues that needed to be dealt with.  I will chronicle the project once I am there.  My computer went on ahead of me and I don't have pictures here and now. 

We are 'serial remodelers'.  We've remodeled two houses and built our current one...we were even our own contractor.  Fun. It's too bad I didn't blog back then.  An adventure of a lifetime. Anyhow,  I think the kitchens and the baths are the hardest but the most fun.  

Today the cupboards are scheduled for am the very same time.  Luckily, we have a plan.  Now, I just need all the unrelated parties (the airline and the delivery service) to hold to the schedule! 

Stay tuned to watch this non-sewing project take shape. 



  1. hmm. I am confused Pam. Are you moving then?

  2. Oh, you'll have a great time in the warmer weather this time of year, Pam! Enjoy!! Can't wait to see your new kitchen progress, too...

    Sorry about the errors in this design--at least it turned out great!

    Safe travels to you!

  3. Very pretty finish. Pity about all the errors. It really makes designs less fun to stitch.

  4. Oohhhh...wish I was headed to warmer weather with you! Safe travels!