Friday, January 30, 2015

Sewing in sunny Florida

Besides remodeling the kitchen I aim to stitch and stitch and stitch some more. 

My plan is to focus on this...

I started Keep the Spirit by Debbie Mumm several years ago.  I've always liked it and only set it aside because it is big and cumbersome. I was having trouble working on the dark blue in the evening, too. 

Here, I can spread out and work on it more often than at home. 

It took me a while to find my place and get any sort of rhythm but I've put a few stitches in and will show you when there is something to show.  (Picture the above with about 6 more stitches.)

And, really, who can work when you glance up from your carefully created stitching nest and see this? 

A wee thing I did manage to stitch...between being called into service for kitchen remodel duty was Tic Tac Snow by Miss Crescent's Crowne Designs.  

I know that many people could stitch this in one day but it took me a week...or maybe even a little longer.  I do have the snow flake buttons but they're at home.

I have also managed to complete some of the parts of my Homestead Star by Jodi Barrows.  I needed to relearn the square in a square method so my start was slow. Luckily, I cut one of the hour glass blocks and realized I was doing something wrong.  Glad I didn't trim all 80 before discovering I was not cutting quite right. I only made two of the neutral/red flying geese just to test myself.  Only 78 to go. 

In the mean time, between small bouts of stitching and sewing, I am loving this Florida weather.  The news keeps talking about how 'cool' it is but for any New Yorker it is like a beautiful May day. 


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  1. Oh, dear, I'm not sure I would get any stitching done with a few like that!! I'm glad, though, that you have more room and time to take on that massive project again, Pam--I look forward to seeing it grown... Enjoy some fresh air for me!