Saturday, January 24, 2015

Progress, progress, progress.

We are getting there.  Today 'we' will set a temporary sink, install the microwave and cupboard doors.

Well, that's my 'to do' list.  I haven't read the real one!

In the mean time this is where we stand this morning.

That blind is going to drive me crazy.  It is too big for the window so doesn't adjust like you'd want.  They're nice wood slat blinds, though. 

The stove arrived yesterday.  It needs to be pulled out so we can put the microwave in.

One of my favorite features will be the two open cupboards.

The old kitchen was ALL open cupboards.  The only cupboards with doors were the two corner cupboards and they had glass windows.  Besides being a cheap particle board kitchen, there was no place to put anything you didn't want visible.  The two appliance garages were crammed full of all the miscellaneous stuff a kitchen accumulates.  That was just not for me.  By only having these two cupboards open I will still have that look that caught my eye when seeing the house for the first time.

Today I am heading off to shop for some furniture.  In the mean time I am trying to deffer a 'bad-hair-day' because I forgot my over night bag from when I spent Thursday night at my mother's house.  I can live without the dirty laundry but my hairbrush and hair dryer were in there!


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  1. Oh, nice progress!! I'm sure you'll be excited to get everything all finished up :) Good luck with the countertops.