Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where we stood this morning.

On our third full day we will be starting from the corner.  Those cabinets were set in place yesterday. The general rules of the game are:  nothing is easy, nothing goes fast, and everything must be level. 

Left of the sink mimics the right side with a corner cupboard with an appliance garage.  Everything was put in place yesterday so we start down the left hand wall today. 

The backside of the wall cabinets and the one that goes over the stove.

We are giving the recycling guys a work out.

Last night we went shopping for knobs.  Much less fun than you'd think.  I needed 43.  It's hard to find a bin with 43 of anything and there isn't really time to wait for an order.  I found some I like, though.   

Next up:  shopping for a faucet.  Oddly enough, one of the hardest things to shop for.



  1. I love a good appliance garage! I use mine as an oversized bread box, and now I don't have room for any appliances...

  2. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress!