Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More sewing room creations.

Recently I made a few more hot pads using two different methods. 

First, I used the same quilt as you go that I'd used on previous hot pads.  For the third one I saw the cutest pattern for a pillow and just used the same idea and appliqued the layers together.  

I gave these to a friend for her birthday.  Her fourth grade daughter placed the snowflake one in the middle of the table right away.  When her mother explained that they were hot set hot dishes on when serving food...she said that couldn't be right...that they were too cute to be used for something like that!  So cute. 

I am working my way through a variety of projects.  I am going south for a month and hope to finish as many things as possible since I'll be taking all new projects with me.  I thought I might inventory my WIP's but then thought there wasn't any point.  I would finish what I could and add to the pile when I return.  I hope to bring home finishes, though.  What should grow is my pile of projects waiting to be quilted. 

It is bitter cold today so there is no better place to be than my sewing room.



  1. Hmm. Just commented but I don't see it. Did it post?

  2. Evidently not! I've had these on my mind for a while , but adding a pincushion area to create a stitchers mug rug. We'll have to talk about that when you're here. You're much better than figuring these things out than I am!

  3. I agree with the fourth grader. ;)
    It is bitterly cold up here too.

  4. I agree with the little one...way too cute to get mucked up!! I love the snowflake one!!

  5. I also agree--I still haven't used the one you gave me, Pam, as it is just so darling, I hate to get it dirty :) They all look great!