Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The adventure begins.

I was not on hand for the demolishing of the original kitchen so I only have a couple pictures to show the progress.  I will spare you the pictures of the electrical and plumbing 'things'.

The kitchen is pretty simple.  A U shape with a breakfast bar (not shown) at the end of the left side. 

I think the contractor was mainly showing us how well the floor was protected.

These photos do not show what was yet to be revealed.  A moldy mess that involved the need for this:

That is how our entire kitchen was sealed off so the mold could be removed. 

I can't even begin to say how happy I am that we decided to hire someone to come in to demolish the old kitchen.  The mess that was uncovered would have been more than we could manage in our scheduled one week construction window.

I arrived yesterday just in time to inventory all the boxes as they were hauled in.  

Anything kitchen-y needs to be done creatively. One of my first shopping expeditions will be to buy a stove and microwave. 

Coffee a-la-floor.

Here is the empty space.

First thing this morning the work began.

The first two bottom cabinets are in place.  It's easier to start with the uppers first but our corner cupboards sit right on the counter top so we have to set the corner first.

I am mainly just extra help.  I lift, measure, fit, direct and whatever else needs doing.  In between I am keeping busy with other little things.  Unpacking, vacuuming, laundry, and odds and ends as they come up.  Took me half an hour to find a dish to have cereal out of this morning! 

More to come as progress is made.



  1. Glad you arrived in time to do the inventory, Pam. This will be really exciting to watch your new kitchen take shape :) Hope you manage to fit in some relaxation time, too!

  2. How exciting! Your kitchen is going to be a showplace!