Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Phase 2 is finished.

Phase 2, being cupboard installation, is as done as it can be right now.

The sink area still looks a little rustic.  There is a plywood counter with a temporary sink.  The counter top people will come measure next week.  I have requested they put me on a list in case anyone cancels.  So far, they've moved me up two days.  If they can't move me up a few more days I may have to forestall the installation until I can come back.  So, in the mean time, the cupboard doors are off for ease of plumbing.  The cupboard to the right of the dishwasher is cracked so a replacement is supposed to be coming.  It is just set in place for spacing. 

One of the best features...the two open cupboards. I really haven't arranged anything...just set a few things in place to see. 

There will be a breakfast bar at the end with room for two stools.

We got this much done without suffering anything but aching muscles...until we were installing the knobs.  I, with a tool I use EVERY DAY, snipped my finger with a pair of scissors!  Really?  Shameful.  

I am ready to pull out my sewing machine and focus on something fun...and re-learn how to keep my fingers out of the way!



  1. That's so funny, Pam--I did the same thing with a pair of scissors just this weekend. I was simply cutting a piece of linen and snipped right into the fleshy part of my hand between my thumb and forefinger! It is painful, isn't it?

    Kitchen looks great--you'll have fun decorating those open shelves for different seasons, too :)

  2. Two appliance garages? You're living large, girlfriend!

  3. It's looking good!! I like your white cupboards and the open shelves! That will be fun for displays.